Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'll miss you , college .. !!

I'm really starting to miss my college , I'll miss studying . in less than a year I'll be entering the field of jobs and careers , I feel scared . I really going to miss every single thing related to studying , I'm not sure of I'm going to continue my studies , but I wish that would happen in the future , inshalla ( if Allah wills ) ..

I'm really going to miss classes , studying books and exams , the tension , complain and madness ( because of studying ) .. these are the best feelings ever , makes you feel young ..

I'm going to miss meeting my friends , the chatting we had between classes , I'll miss running for a lecture ( for being late ) , OH .. I really want to cry ..

This college life really means a lot for me , and I really can't believe that four years had past sense I first came to it .. knowing nothing and nobody .. sitting at the cafeteria alone in the early morning eating my breakfast .. playing with my mobile .. I still remember those days as if they happened yesterday ..

I still remember when I used to go to the reading class at the second floor .. waiting for my doctor to come .. I still remember the group of girls I know .. when we use to be together for a whole course .. SUCH a wonderful days .. and that time .. I thought graduating is going ti be after a million year .. and here I am .. 4 years had past like months or even days .. *tears* ..

I'll never forget those awesome days … and I'll keep them in mind ( and in this blog ) for ever ..

( this picture was taken in front of the college library T_T )

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