Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Tokyohive previously announced that NEWS will be holding their live concerts soon, but additional concert stages have recently been announced.

Below is the newest schedule of “LIVE! LIVE! LIVE! NEWS DOME PARTY 2010“.

@Kyocera Dome In Osaka

9/18 18:00 (New)

9/19 18:00

9/20 16:00

@Tokyo Dome

9/25 18:30

9/26 18:30

9/27 18:30

9/28 18:30 (New)

Source : ( th,johnnysentertainment)

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  1. Hi rukia I mean sa3ooofa ! I never knew there was a Japanese band called news, and I thought I knew a lot about Japanese music! So how about checking out these artists Ayumi Hamasaki, her song hanabi meaning fireworks is really amazing. T M revolution is the band that sung the opening for soul eater also very good. And I am sure you are familiar with utada Hikaru that sang the songs for Kingdom hearts, she has an amazing voice! She sings beautifully in both Japanese and English because she is a bilingual. And yesterday I discovered a song called (running and running) for a Korean band called mblaq, I really liked it! Oh I forgot! you have to check out Bump of chicken it is a Japanese band and is amazing! They can capture the hearts of both Parents and their teenage kids at the same time! They are very special. Looove the makeover you did with your blog, good luck with everything!