Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Birthday .. !

so it's officially my birthday
I'm so confused
I never thought I would be receiving all those
lovely msjs from friends
and posts in my social networks
thNx all ..
I'll be writing more details about my B-day
thnx to everyone
especially my BFF (BlaCk Tulip ) & her sister
thnx alot .. (^^)

Click "Read more" to see the pictures .. !

this is my birthday cake from BaskinRobins
 it was YUMMY

I went with my sisters\czn & a friend to 360mall
we were "Fa9leen" kkkkk
and we had the most fun
I ate at one of my fav. Salad resturat
Salad creation

I haven't took a picture of the salad before it went to my tummy ..;pPp

and that's eat


1 comment:

  1. You worth it sweety you're a really good Frnd ;pP