Thursday, January 20, 2011

YO! Sushi ..

hey blogies
So I wanted to share some pictures with you
of one of my fav. restaurants "YO! Sushi"
I loved that place
and the food too ..
here are the pictures .. (^^)

 ( this is the food menu from the outside

 (and this is the menu from the inside)

(there are some moving dishes all around the restaurant where they offer some of
their delicious food , if you like one you can just pick it up and eat!

( these are my orders mochi & salamon sushi
I also ordered Salad & green tea but I didn't got the chance to snap them ;pPp) 

( and we're done ;p el7emdellah )

that's all
thNx (^^)


  1. Yummy hope I'll try it one day inshalla thanx for sharing .. I am sure you had fun too
    waiting for another post ^^

  2. yeah it's so yummy .. I might invite you to it one day inshalla ..
    thNx for reading .. (^^)