Friday, February 4, 2011

Arabic in "Soul Eater" .. !!

while I was watching the anime "Soul Eater"
something had cought my eyes
a boy was reading a book
and the written language was Arabic kkkkk
Don't believe it ?!
see for ur self 

حاولت أقرا الكلمات المكتوبة شكلها قصة
بس مخربطة ههههههههههه
و في كلام مقلوب
و كلام سايح على بعضه كككك

ضغطوا على الصورة لعرضها بصورة أكبر 


  1. anche a me e successa la stessa cosa

    sto cercando di capire il perche o se magari uno dei creatori ha origini arabe sarebbe ora che anche gli arabi producessero qualcosa in questa direzione

  2. to me, and the same thing happened

    I'm trying to figure out why or if maybe one of the creators has Arab origins it is time that the Arabs would produce something in this direction

  3. i like your blog im from marocco but i live in itali this is my blog

  4. this is my blog if you want to answer
    also I'll post something about soul eater