Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Sims 3 - Let the Family Begin .. !

so , starting from today I'll be posting updates from
the game "The Sims 3 "
My fav. game of all time
ubdates are mostly pictures of special moments in the game

هاللعبة إدماااااان مو طبيعي
عند البعض مملة خاصة اللي يحبون ألعاب الطق و المغامرات و العكشن << عكشن إي مو خطأ مطبعي
و للعلم آنة أحب جمييييييييع أنواع الألعاب بدون استثناء

start : My Family
Husbend : Yamashita
Wife : Monipi
No children yet ..;pPp

this is the game main window
you can see my family Yamashita & Monipi AiLove << Family name ;pPp

these are some shots of the couple house
it's near the sea .. with charming view 

now here are some activities done by the couple inside the house ..;pPp

Yamashita working out .. :p

Monipi reading a cooking book

Monipi cooking lunch

well , eating lunch .. ;pPp
and chatting kkkkk

the couple asleep .. 
obviously ;pPp

Monipi watching the food network ;pPp
you can see what she's interested in .. (^^)

Yamashita playing chess ..;pPp
he is trying to improve his LOGIC skills

Yama & Monipi playing video games together ..;pPp

Monipi practicing Painting 

Monipi playing Guitar she's still a beginner ;pPp

and that's it for now ..;pPp


  1. Oh! the idea is quite awesome really can't wait to see the coming kids ;pP
    keep it up sweety =)

  2. you made me feel exited .. now i wanna play the game >> :Pp
    but i can't 4 some reason XD