Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Devices ..

Hey people
as the title shows ..
I recently bought new devices ..
an HTC Desire z mobile
an Ipad  

I loved both devices until now ..
though the HTC mobile have some bad reviews
from people in Kuwait
but I liked it so much ..
it's SO ME ..
from the look to the function ..
and the I pad is awesome ..
specially when playing games
or watching movies on bed ..;pPp
no pressure on ur hips anymore .. ;p kkkk

here are the pictures

][ there are the products boxes <3<3 ][

][ The HTC desire z ][

][ from the back ][

][ the keyboard ][

>> for more information about the mobile visit this link

][ this is of course the Ipad ][

][ from the back ][

for more information about the ipad click the link

I know that the new Ipad is going to be released soon
but there isn't much differences between them
except for the camera and look
and some other small additions
what I mostly like about the ipad
is the piano ;pPp
and the guitar too
simple AWESOME ..

that's it ..
thanks for reading ..;p 

1 comment:

  1. ما شاء الله حبيت الصور و الشرح المبسط
    ان شاء الله عليج بالف عافيه و يتربون بعزج لووول