Sunday, March 13, 2011

TheSims3 : The story is back(UPDATE)

it has been along time since I last posted an update
about “The Sims3”.. !Surprised smile
a lot had been going around in the AiLove family
Yamashita & Monipi now have “6” children !!
yes 6 .. !Smile with tongue out
Ryo , Lyo , Yamada , Moon , Hikari and Aya 
and of course the house has been changing a lot
rooms are added .. and each child has his own room .. !
Ryo , Yamada and Lyo goes to elementry schoolBoy
and Yamashita (Father) has quit his job
to take care of the kids after collecting enough money for them
here are some pictures of what has been going onCamera
][ Monipi throwing up ;p .. because she’s pregnant ][
][ Monipi got out from the hospital after giving birth to
her first child Ryo ][
][ Monipi has improved in playing guitar and painting
way to go Monipi ! ][
][ Ryo’s birthday party ][
][ Ryo’s room & you can see Ryo playing with his toys .. CUTE ][
][ Yamashita reading a book for Ryo ][
I’ll be posting more pictures in the next post inshallah ..

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