Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'm an employee .. !!


yesterday I started working at "Omro inb ala'as" primary school for boys

I came to the school very early and so excited and scared at the

same time kkkk .. thay had an "Open day" .. it was fun watching little boys going around running and fighting with each others ..



The English teacher were fine .. I need to know them better

I will teach the 1st and 2nd graders .. I'm a little scared because I have no experience on how to deal with boys ..

الله يعيننا يارب و يارب أكون قد المسؤوولية و الله يسهل



  1. mabrooooooooooooooooook ^^
    really the best gongratulations for uuu <3
    i hope the boys be niiice with u ^^
    :D i think they ll do ,cuz someone have this nice blog s must be a sweet person ^^ lovely personality ^^ really wish for u the best in ur work ^^ hope we be friends :)

  2. hey .. thnx for your sweet words .. sorry I saw this very late .. busy with school you know .. and we sure a re friends now .. thnx for passing by .. (^^) .. ||~ <3<3

  3. :D my real name is sarah nemeh

    thats my facebook address :D i would love to add u my friend :) keep up the hard working loved the new style for the blogger :D
    take care muneera :)