Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Dusty Weather

Hello , Who ever is reading this post .. :D

Dusty Weather .. well .. this is not something new in Kuwait .. 
we almost got used to it .. like snow in Europe .. or rains in Malaysia

I remember when I was in intermediate school .. we used to study about dust storms and
how they are created .. and it also tell us about a solution to at least reduce the 
strength of the storm .. which is basically planting more trees ..
or as they call it " Tree Walls ".. I don't know if this would really help reduce the
dust .. but why not give it a try .. yeah , like there's somebody who cares !

anyways .. let's just hope that tomorrow would be better .. although weather experts said that 
this dust will continue for about 3 more days ..

Allah yester .. !

There are picture from school 
The Dusty school .. lol

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  1. today the weather is kinda clear, not perfect but better than yesterday :D