Friday, June 8, 2012

Thank you Apple .. !

yesterday I encountered an issue with my iTunes account
I forgot the answer of one of my security questions 
which was needed for me to purchase an app in my macbook

I went searching the internet for a quick solution for it
but I was frustrated .. coz I didn't find anything useful or helpful

I woke up today to give google another try .. but I was disappointed 

until I've decided to contact the support team of apple ..
I wasn't hoping for much .. coz I know that I might need to wait for about
24 hours .. !

so I contacted them with an email explaining my problem
and sent it ..

surprisingly .. I got a replay after an hour and half 
telling me that they have reset my security questions
and that I can choose new answers again

and I was like " THAT WAS FAST ! "

and my problem is solved .. !

So .. I always have this negative idea about contacted any type of support
of any company or website or whatever
but now I learned  lesson .. That google doesn't always have all the answers
and solutions for ur problems lol .. 
I Love Google though .. !!


1 comment:

  1. your lucky ! usualy they don't replay with a good solution or they just lock your account :p