Saturday, August 4, 2012

[ Crochet ] iPhone cover .

Hello everyone .. 
it's been a long time since the last time I crocheted something
So I went to google searching for a pattern to create an iPhone cover
but unfortunately ( or maybe fortunately ) I didn't find any good patten
So .. I decided to come up with my own one ..
The result was great for me .. 
I did few mistakes ( not making a hole for the charging place )
but I will inshallah make more of these covers
with less mistakes .. :D

Leave you with the pictures .



  1. Hi I just love this Iphone cover that you made. My name is Joshua Johnson and I was just wondering because I am a crocheter myself and I was just wondering if you were able to e-mail me the pattern. Please and Thank You. My email is Thank You.

  2. Hello. I've looked everywhere for a case like this. Could you email me the pattern please..

    Thank you x

  3. please email me the pattern, I really would love to make this! thank you so much!