Sunday, December 30, 2012

[ School ] My Demo Lesson

[ This Blog Post Was Suppose To Be Published On The 2nd Of December ! But I Forgot About It :p]

Mission accomplished .. That's all what I can say ..
I did a Demo lesson last Thursday ᎯйᎠ el7emdellah it all went ᏀᏅᏅᎠ .. Even better than what I expected actually .. :D

I was worried since the beginning of last week .. I was half prepared .. ᎯЙᎠ needed to buy some stuffs ᎯйᎠ I did all of that in the last 2 days .. I felt pressured .. ᎯЙᎠ nervous ..

When the day came .. I didn't sleep well .. Thinking a lot ..
I got desperate When the head of the department told me that I might have to postpone the lesson to next week .. Coz there might be no attendance ..  thankfully teachers started to come one after another .. Which gave me hope .. I didn't have to worry again for another week .. !

here are some pictures from my demo lesson .. :D

and that's it .. ! :D

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  1. Claps hands u did a great job and I wish yoi all the best :D