Tuesday, January 1, 2013

[ Dairy ] A New Year .. with only one wish .. !

A new year has started .. 
is it a new start ? well , it might be for some ..

I achieved so many things in 2012 .. 
it was such a productive year for me .. especially in my job
I made my first workshop .. and my first demo lesson

I overcome my fear of teaching boys .. and got some stuffs I always wished for
and most importantly the wonderful moments I spent with family and friends

as for 2013 .. I always wish for the best .. in all aspects of life
I don't why .. but I have the feeling that this year has so much for me

I never felt like this before ..
So I hope inshallah that this year will surprise me
in a good way of course .. !

I didn't write a wish list for this year as usual ..  
because I only need one wish to became true ..

and this I won't tell you .. :P

Please God make it happen this year .. 

Ya Rab .. ! :)

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