Monday, July 6, 2015

[ Crafting + DIY ] Emojis felt plushie !

Hello , ^_^
So I was wandering around pinterest , one of my favorite apps , and I got inspired to make some emojis plashies made of felt .
My goal is to make a couple of my favorite ones and I started with the one with heart eyes :D
It was really easy to make once you have all the tool needed , some felts , pins and a sewing machine or you can use hand sewing too .

 yellow , red and black felts.

 I traced down a circle shape on the yellow felt , folded it and pinned it down and then
cut it leaving about 1 inch space around .

 then I cut the mouth and the hearts .

 then I placed them on the yellow circles and pinned them .

 after that I sewed the shapes on the face with the sewing machine or you can do with 
with hand sewing too .

 I flipped the circle with the shapes and pinned the other circle with it , wrong side out
and sewed them leaving about 3 inches un-sewed to help me flip it over later .

 After sewing , I flipped it over and then fill it with cottons .

 I hand sewed the gap using the ladder stitch. 

and that's the result. :D

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