Friday, July 24, 2015

[ Crafting + Polymer ] The Cakes Charms .. !

Hello everyone , hope you're having a great day ..
So another polymer clay post with some cute cakes I made few days a go actually and i forgot to post about .. :P

I did follow some tutorials on Youtube but since I am still a beginner at creating clays and charms I did few mistakes here and there .. I need more practice with blending the clay .. I burnt the first four cakes I made ( They look like real burnt cake lol ! ) because the temperature was higher than what is was suppose to be .. but I did it right the second time .. I also should have added some texture to the cakes to make them more realistic .. but I'm pretty happy with what I did .. :D

( Click on the images for a better look )
 of course these are the burnt cakes .. ><

 The cranberry cheesecake !

 The Lemon Pie !

 The berries Cake !

The Pumpkin Pie !

Hope you enjoyed this post .. till the next one .. Bye .. :D

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