Monday, July 27, 2015

[ HAUL ] Cute stuff from

Konnichiwa ^_^
Today I got my order from .. I felt so overwhelmed coz I've been waiting for it for long ( well , 2 weeks :P ) .. I really like cute things and stationary .. they make me feel good just by looking at them .. and it you ask me what my guilty pleasure is I would say collecting cute things .. !!

anyways .. I was really happy with the quality of the products I ordered .. they look good and well made .. especially the planners .. and of course the stickers which are so adorable .. :D

I made this haul video to show you what I got .. hope you like it .. :D

Go check their website CLICK HERE

Enjoy the Video .. :D


  1. I cant find words to describe the cuteness in this post
    Keep posting such videos I really loved it 😍❤️✨

    1. Thanks for passing by .. 😍😍💐💐💐