Tuesday, July 28, 2015

[ Unboxing ] Kawaii box - June

Konnichiwa .. !

I always loved watching people on Youtube unbox any type of subscription boxes .. and I always wanted to have one for myself too .. but it was hard to find one that ships world wide and is within my inserts zone .. until I found the Kawaii box ..

If you don't know what a subscription box is .. basically you pay a little amount of money per month and you get random stuff and products that most of the time worth more than what you payed .. and there are lots of boxes you can find whether you like make up or food .. there are even boxes for nerdy people and gamers .. :D

I wanted to try this Kawaii box so I chose to subscribe for 3 months ( $ 18.90 per month ) .. if I like what I get I'll continue with the subscription inshallah .. :D

As for the box I got today .. it is actually the June box because I made the subscription in June ..
I liked everything about it except for the nail art set which I don't think I'll use .. I might use the small decorations that came with it but not the actual nails .. other than that everything was amazing and cute ( or kawaii :P ) ..

Hope you enjoy the video .. :D


  1. Omg. Everything is super adorable good luck witn the coming month 😃❤️💜❤️💜